Kylie Ora Lobell is an award-winning writer and editor who helps brands, businesses, and people tell their unique stories. 
She’s managed teams with multimillion dollar budgets, worked with prominent celebrities, written for Forbes 500 companies, and appeared in a number of prestigious publications.
In 2022, Kylie won first place in the American Jewish Press Association’s David Frank Award for Excellence in the Personality Profile category for her cover story about Mayim Bialik titled, “Mayim Bialik: Keeping Her Cool in Hollywood.” She also won an Institute for Jewish Creativity Announces Word 2022: Bruce Geller Memorial Prize from American Jewish University, and she attended Tent: Journalism, hosted by Tablet Magazine in New York City.
She lives in Los Angeles, is married to podcaster and comic book creator Daniel Lobell, and is a proud mama to two girls, two dogs, four chickens, a rooster, a cockatiel, and two tortoises.
Essentially, she runs a farm. And oh yeah, she really likes iced coffee and the color pink. Can you tell?